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Acatapaustus leucospila (Acatapaustus leucospila)

Acatapaustus leucospila Photo Graeme Cocks (ALA)
Acatapaustus leucospila

Acrocercops eupetala (Acacia decurrens Leafminer (Gracillariidae))

Acrocercops laciniella (Blackbutt Leafminer (Gracillariidae))

Acrocercops ophiodes (Acrocercops ophiodes)

Acropolitis rudisana (Acropolitis rudisana)

Acropolitis rudisana image by Steve Williams
Acropolitis rudisana

Aglaopus pyrrhata (A Leaf Moth)

Aglaopus pyrrhata photo ALA cc
Aglaopus pyrrhata

Australothis rubrescens (Indian Weed Caterpillar)

Australothis rubrescens Max Campbell, Timbillica
Australothis rubrescens

Comana fasciata (Comana fasciata)

Cossidae (family) (Unidentified Cossidae moths)

Crocanthes glycina (Crocanthes glycina)

Crocanthes glycina Donald Hobern
Crocanthes glycina

Crocanthes micradelpha (Crocanthes micradelpha)

Crocanthes micradelpha
Crocanthes micradelpha

Culama suffusca (Culama suffusca)

Discophlebia (genus) (Unidentified Discophlebia moths)

Discophlebia lucasii (Discophlebia lucasii)

Discophlebia lucasii ALA Image
Discophlebia lucasii

Doratifera oxleyi (Painted Cup Moth)

Doratifera oxleyi Jackie Miles, Yellowpinch
Doratifera oxleyi
Doratifera oxleyi
Doratifera oxleyi

Doratifera pinguis (Pale Cup Moth)

Doratifera pinguis ALA Image
Doratifera pinguis

Doratifera quadriguttata (Four-spotted Cup Moth)

Doratifera quadriguttata
Doratifera quadriguttata
Doratifera quadriguttata
Doratifera quadriguttata
Doratifera quadriguttata
Doratifera quadriguttata

Dysgonia arctotaenia (Bastilla arctotaenia)

Edosa balanosema (Edosa balanosema)

Edosa fraudulens (Edosa fraudulens)

Edosa fraudulens ALA Image
Edosa fraudulens

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