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Frog Crinia signifera (Common Eastern Froglet)

Crinia signifera Max Campbell, Brogo
Crinia signifera Max Campbell, Brogo, underside
Crinia signifera
Crinia signifera

Frog Heleioporus australiacus (Giant Burrowing Frog)

Heleioporus australiacus Giant Burrowing Frog (Sydney Basin specimen)
Heleioporus australiacus

Frog Limnodynastes dumerili (Eastern Banjo Frog (Pobblebonk))

Frog Limnodynastes peronii (Striped marsh frog)

Limnodynastes peronii Pambula
Limnodynastes peronii

Frog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis (Spotted Marsh Frog)

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Max Campbell, Numeralla, dead on road
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis

Frog Litoria aurea (Green and Golden Bell Frog)

Litoria aurea Green and Golden Bell Frog from Termeil
Litoria aurea

Frog Litoria caerulea (Green Tree Frog)

Litoria caerulea Green Tree Frog (Sydney Basin specimen)
Litoria caerulea

Frog Litoria citropa (Blue Mountains tree frog)

Litoria citropa Blue Mountains Tree Frog (Blue Mountains specimen)
Litoria citropa

Frog Litoria dentata (Bleating Tree Frog)

Litoria dentata Nelligen area
Litoria dentata

Frog Litoria ewingii (Brown Tree Frog)

Frog Litoria fallax (Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog)

Litoria fallax Mossy Point specimen - photo by Helen R
Litoria fallax Long Beach specimen - photo by Joel P
Litoria fallax
Litoria fallax

Frog Litoria freycineti (Freycinet's Frog)

Frog Litoria jervisiensis (Jervis Bay Tree Frog)

Litoria jervisiensis Jervis Bay Tree Frog-Mossy Point
Litoria jervisiensis Jervis Bay Tree Frog -Mossy Point
Litoria jervisiensis Jervis Bay Tree Frog - Mossy Point
Litoria jervisiensis
Litoria jervisiensis
Litoria jervisiensis

Frog Litoria lesueuri (Lesueur's Tree Frog)

Litoria lesueuri Max Campbell, Brogo
Litoria lesueuri

Frog Litoria littlejohni (Heath Frog)

Frog Litoria nudidigita (Leaf Green Tree Frog)

Litoria nudidigita Max Campbell, SEFNP Bemboka section
Litoria nudidigita

Frog Litoria peronii (Peron's Tree Frog)

Litoria peronii Max Campbell, Brogo
Litoria peronii Max Campbell, Brogo
Litoria peronii Max Campbell, Brogo
Litoria peronii
Litoria peronii
Litoria peronii

Frog Litoria phyllochroa (Northern Leaf Green River Frog)

Litoria phyllochroa Green Stream Frog (Sydney Basin specimen)
Litoria phyllochroa

Frog Litoria tyleri (Tyler's Tree Frog)

Frog Litoria verreauxii (Verreaux's Frog)

Litoria verreauxii Max Campbell, Brogo
Litoria verreauxii Max Campbell, Brogo, front of thigh orange
Litoria verreauxii Max Campbell, Brogo, back of thigh orange
Litoria verreauxii
Litoria verreauxii
Litoria verreauxii

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