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Xanthorrhoea concava

Grass Tree at Morton, NSW

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Xanthorrhoea concava at Morton, NSW - 23 Dec 2019
Xanthorrhoea concava at Morton, NSW - 23 Dec 2019
Xanthorrhoea concava at Morton, NSW - 23 Dec 2019
Xanthorrhoea concava at Morton, NSW - 23 Dec 2019
Xanthorrhoea concava at Morton, NSW - 23 Dec 2019

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Author's notes

This grass tree is on our drive way and at present is the only one I have found in flower, although we have a number of small grass trees around the Retreat. Last three photos added later to show the new growth of flowers on the spear and then the re-growth after fire.


plants wrote:
   6 Nov 2019
Not convinced of species ID.
You need to look at the cross-section of the leaves and the length of the scape/spike.
The genus usually flowers after bushfire.
ClydeRiver wrote:
   6 Nov 2019
No bushfire here in many years. The spike is 5ft 4in tall - same as me! The leaves are almost pampas-like, or perhaps lemongrass-like - pale green and fairly sharp on the edges. Can cut one off and take a look ... there are a number around but only this one is flowering ...
   8 Nov 2019
I agree its likely to be X.. concava rather than X. australis. I would expect others of the latter species with trunks in the region. Check the leaf cross section and compare to :http://plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/NSWfl.pl?page=nswfl&lvl=sp&name=Xanthorrhoea~concava
ClydeRiver wrote:
   8 Nov 2019
That's it ... Concava ... thank you. I notice that the bottom of the flowering part of the spike is the same too with the bottom being at an angle rather than horizontal.
ClydeRiver wrote:
   29 Dec 2019
Hundreds of the Xanthorrhoea concava were burned in our fires but all are showing signs of regenration already - as you can see from the one example above.
ClydeRiver wrote:
   6 Sep 2020
I have just been walking through our wooded area and suddenly noticed that there are many, many, many X Concava spikes! Can't wait to see the white flowers come out - it will look extraordinary. I imagine it is the fires that have caused this sudden awakening.

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  • Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 22 Dec 2019 Recorded on
  • ClydeRiver Recorded by
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