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ParrotAlisterus scapularis

Australian King-parrot at Berringer Lake, NSW

Identification history

Parrot Alisterus scapularis 1 Jul 2020 CBrandis
Parrot Alisterus scapularis 1 Jul 2020 CBrandis
Unidentified 28 Jun 2020 Donnahumphries1

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Author's notes

Unique King Parrot with yellow ? And a Rosella


CBrandis wrote:
   29 Jun 2020
Better description please
   29 Jun 2020
I do not know what the first bird is, It looks like a young king parrot but it has very distinct yellow markings on the wings, it is unusual, could be a Swift Parrot maybe ? . The red and blue bird is a Rosella.
CBrandis wrote:
   29 Jun 2020
You have 2 species in one submission which makes it hard. Red and blue I presume you mean Crimson Rosella. The other we need size, a King Parrot is over 2x the size of a Swift Parrot and at this stage there have been no records in NSW. So what is the colour of the body back and belly, the head, the wings and what is distinctive about the yellow marking. Under the species tag there are photos of the different species to assist in identification which will make it easier otherwise it is hard to visualise what you have seen. Cheers
   29 Jun 2020
It seems to be twice the size of the Rosella its head is dark green, its wings are dark green with yellow patches and it, has a red underbelly.
CBrandis wrote:
   1 Jul 2020
Hope you looked up the species tag ID. Some birds have odd patches without colour pigment which can be yellow or white. Cheers

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