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Transition to iNat

 12 Dec 2020

Your Budawang Coast committee hosted a meeting of members on 17 Nov. in Ulladulla to discuss transition from Naturemapr to iNat.  Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (the sister project to our south) also shared their experiences with the transition. 

Basically, the comments from those who are using iNat were overwhelmingly positive. To summarise some of the main comments: our moderators are enjoying being part of a global community and exchanging identification of various taxa; the App is reliable and website is easy to use; some of the features in iNat are really clever, such as the identification suggestions; the copying of data from Naturemapr is fast, and the response from iNat team to queries is rapid and supportive. 

We encourage you to make the move to iNat and join the Budawang Coast project. It's very easy to do and we are here to help. Here's how to go about it:  

1.    Create an iNat account.

2.  Email iNat at help+budawangcoast@inaturalist.org and include:

a. your iNat login details

b. your NatureMapr login details

c. a sentence that amounts to permission (e.g. "I give permission for you to copy my Naturemapr sightings to iNaturalist”).

3.  Join the Budawang Coast project:

a. Go to ‘community’ in the drop down menu

b. Select ‘projects’

c. Search for Budawang Coast Atlas of Life

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