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Update: Transferring your data to iNaturalist

 24 Dec 2020

The transfer over to iNat is going really well. Those who have made the move are generally finding the platform responsive and easy to use. Like any new program though it takes time to find your way around and there are lots of facets to explore.

The team at iNat provide great support with copying data to our new home. And it takes time to ensure all records are copied in their entirety. The location of unidentified species requires additional work from both iNat and Naturemapr, the latter courtesy of Budawang Coast Atlas of Life Committee member Evelyn May. Records have generally been transferred within a few days of a contributor sending their request to iNat.
To streamline the process and increase efficiency, both parties agree to run bulk transfers in two batches: end January and end March. You can request your records to be copied at any time but the actual transfer will not occur until the first date after you send your request. So if you sent your request today, your records will be copied over at the end of January, if you send a request in February your records will be copied at the end of March. It’s not clear whether Budawang Coast NatureMapr will be accessible after June 2021 so best to make the move asap.

A reminder on how to lodge the request to copy your records:

1. Create an iNat account
2. Send an email to help+budawangcoast@inaturalist.org and include:
a) your iNat user name and password
b) your NatureMapr user name and password
c) a sentence along the lines of ‘I give permission for you to copy my NatureMapr records to iNaturalist’.

And join Budawang Coast Atlas of Life project. Select ‘community’ from the top drop down menu, select ‘projects’, search for the project by name and hit the ‘join’ button.

We recommend that once you create an iNat account, then use iNat to record all future sightings. Sightings will automatically fall under the project area so no need to manually select the project.

On behalf of the Budawang Coast Atlas of Life Committee, best wishes for the end of 2020 and I hope you get to relax in nature wherever you may be.

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