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Transition to iNat

 24 Mar 2021

Hello Budawang Coast contributors,

just an update on transition to iNaturalist under our renamed project, Budawang Coast Atlas of Life. Many of our contributors have now moved across to iNat and enjoying the new experience of a wider connection with nature enthusiasts and a seamlessly functioning field App. At this time, however, we are experiencing some problems in copying records from Naturemapr due to some frequently changing technical elements of the Naturemapr platform. This is affecting both the Budawang Coast and the Coastal Wilderness project. We are working with iNat to find a solution.   

Please be assured that any requests sent to iNaturalist to have your records copied have been received. We suggest that if you have less than 20 or so sightings in Naturemapr then it would be most efficient if you could enter those sightings into iNaturalist yourself, assuming you still have sufficient information. Please go to https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/upload and drag the photo up and add a date and location. It will be good practice on how to use iNat too! If you have too many sightings to manually enter each record just hold off requesting a transfer to iNat until we get in touch with an update on a technical solution.   

Please write to budawangcoast@gmail.com if you need assistance.

regards and best wishes


Chair, Budawang Coast Atlas of Life

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