This NatureMapr project will move to the South Coast, NSW NatureMapr region from 1 July 2021

BCAL Migration to iNaturalist

 8 Jun 2021

“Our Budawang Coast Atlas of Life Project migration to iNaturalist is now almost completed.  We welcome all our current contributors to our new project can join our growing community of citizen scientists in iNaturalist by setting up an account at Our team at BCAL are planning a range of interesting and inspiring series of citizen science activities across our region into the future, as we enhance our knowledge of our precious natural environment.

The Budawang Coast NatureMapr project ends on 30 June however, all your moderated records will remain in the Atlas of Living Australia.  As all data belongs to individual contributors, it is important to make a decision about whether you wish to have your data migrated to another NatureMapr site or whether you wish to delete your data from this site (most contributors have already migrated their data to the new iNaturalist project).  Either way, it is important that you notify the NM team of your intentions.  You can do this using the contact tab on the NM site”. 


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