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Kicking-off School's Program!

Posted by Choyster

 18 Aug 2023

Hello NatureMaprs!

I'm Lewis Choy, NatureMapr's dedicated citizen science officer, Canberra born and raised with a passion for Australia's beautiful landscapes.

I have been developing an introductory primary school program to NatureMapr. The program will build students' understanding of how they can contribute to citizen science by promoting environmental awareness and give them a taste of environmental science.

We have drafted a schools program and are plannning to visit a couple Canberra schools in the coming weeks. If you think your child's school could benefit from a visit by NatureMapr, please don't hesitate to send me a message via our website @Choyster.

Check out our schools page:

NatureMapr for Schools


   18 Aug 2023
Great stuff @Choyster, get them whilst their young.
   18 Aug 2023
Legendary work @Choyster - this is very inspirational stuff and you are the right man for the job!
Rosie wrote:
   19 Aug 2023
Have you approached Latham Primary Choyster? They have a students' environmental group and Jaya Hunn won a Landcare Award for his photograph of a Drosera plant near the Umbagong section of GInninderra Creek.

Totally agree with Matthew and Aaron....a great prospect.
   19 Aug 2023
HI Lewis
I suggest you go to this website about coexistence 'share the land protect the future'
Kangaroos are the best custodians of our Nature Parks and they are systematically being slaughtered every year based on flawed studies and counting methods by armchair ecologists.
   20 Aug 2023
Hey @Choyster! Super exciting stuff you're working on - thank you! I spoke with some lovely people from the Jane Goodall Institute's "Roots and Shoots" program at the end of last year. They didn't have any programs going in the ACT but were keen to start some up with a little help from local people. Perhaps an opportunity to collaborate? https://rootsandshoots.org.au/ :-)
Choyster wrote:
   21 Aug 2023
Great suggestion @citycritters! I'll be sure to send an EOI
Choyster wrote:
   21 Aug 2023
Hi @Rosie, yes hopefully a visit in the near future!
Untidy wrote:
   22 Aug 2023
Great initiative. You could also try the Kingsford Smith school at Holt. I have been meaning to contact them about a couple of landcare/citizen science projects in Higgins but haven't got around to it yet. They also have a lovely patch of woodland at the back of their school and the kids could have a fun time mapping that. It would be fantastic if the West Belco schools could have an informal nature mapping network for their region.
   22 Aug 2023
Other enquiries and institutions are reaching out - it is shaping up to be a big week for the @Choyster with first cab off the rank this Friday!

Love your work @Choyster
HelenCross wrote:
   23 Aug 2023
Looking forward to hearing how it goes on Friday!

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