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Jewel beetles (Buprestidae)


A reference for Jewel Beetles (family Buprestidae): https://sites.google.com/site/buprestidpages/

And a photo gallery for the family: https://sites.google.com/site/buprestidpages/buprestidae-gallery

This gallery can be searched by genus, for example, Castiarina:



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Agrilus hypoleucus (Jewel beetle)

Astraeus crassus (Jewel beetle)

Astraeus crassus
Astraeus crassus

Astraeus pygmaeus (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina australasiae (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina australasiae
Castiarina australasiae

Castiarina bella (Bella jewel beetle)

Castiarina bifasciata (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina burchellii (Burchell's jewel beetle)

Castiarina crenata (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina crenata
Castiarina crenata

Castiarina dimidiata (Dimidiata jewel beetle)

Castiarina dimidiata In high altitude (930m) bog
Castiarina dimidiata Packers Swamp Road
Castiarina dimidiata
Castiarina dimidiata

Castiarina insignis (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina insignis
Castiarina insignis

Castiarina kirbyi (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina kirbyi
Castiarina kirbyi

Castiarina klugii (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina livida (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina octomaculata (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina parallela (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina pertii (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina pulchripes (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina pulchripes
Castiarina pulchripes

Castiarina rufipennis (Jewel beetle)

Castiarina rufipennis
Castiarina rufipennis

Castiarina scalaris (Jewel Beetle)

Castiarina scalaris Kerri-Lee Harris, Wonboyn
Castiarina scalaris

Castiarina sexplagiata (Jewel beetle)

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