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Lady beetles (Coccinellidae)

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Coccinella novemnotata (9-spot Lady Beetle)

Coccinella transversalis (Transverse Lady Beetle)

Coccinella transversalis Jackie Miles, Brogo
Coccinella transversalis
Coccinella transversalis
Coccinella transversalis

Coccinella undecimpunctata (11-spotted lady beetle)

Coelophora inaequalis (Variable Ladybird beetle)

Coelophora inaequalis Kalaru
Coelophora inaequalis

Diomus notescens (Little two-spotted ladybird)

Epilachna vigintisexpunctata (26-spotted potato ladybird)

Epilachna vigintisexpunctata ALA Image
Epilachna vigintisexpunctata

Halmus chalybeus (Steel Blue Ladybird)

Harmonia conformis (Common Spotted Ladybird)

Harmonia conformis Jackie Miles, Brogo
Harmonia conformis Jackie Miles, Brogo
Harmonia conformis
Harmonia conformis

Harmonia testudinaria (Tortoise-shelled ladybird)

Hippodamia variegata (Spotted Amber Ladybird)

Hippodamia variegata ALA Image
Hippodamia variegata Merimbula boardwalk
Hippodamia variegata
Hippodamia variegata

Illeis galbula (Fungus-eating Ladybird)

Illeis galbula ALA Image
Illeis galbula Max Campbell, Brogo
Illeis galbula Larva on zucchini with powdery mildew
Illeis galbula
Illeis galbula
Illeis galbula

Micraspis frenata (Striped Ladybird)

Micraspis frenata ALA Image
Micraspis frenata Max Campbell, Brogo
Micraspis frenata
Micraspis frenata


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