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Bugs, cicadas, leafhoppers

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Agonoscelis rutila (Horehound bug)

Alcaeus varicornis (Acacia shield bug)

Aleeta curvicosta (Floury baker)

Amblypelta nitida (Fruit-spotting bug)

Amblypelta nitida Steve Burrows, Bega
Amblypelta nitida Steve Burrows, Bega
Amblypelta nitida
Amblypelta nitida

Amorbus sp. (tip-wilting bug / stink bug)

Amorbus sp. Wonboyn
Amorbus sp. Wonboyn
Amorbus sp.
Amorbus sp.

Anisops doris (Backswimmer)

APHIDIDAE (Unidentified aphid)


APHROPHORINAE (Unidentified spittlebug)

Arunta perulata (White Drummer)

Arunta perulata
Arunta perulata

Atrapsalta encaustica (Black Squeaker)

Biprorulus bibax (Spined citrus bug)

Callipappus australis (Bird of Paradise Fly)

Callipappus australis
Callipappus australis

Cermatulus nasalis (Predatory shield bug)

Ceroplastes sp. (Wax scale)

CICADIDAE (Unidentified cicada)

Colgaroides acuminata (Leaf hopper)

Commius elegans (Cherry Ballart Shield Bug)

Ctenarytaina sp. (eucalyptus psyllid)

Ctenarytaina sp. male, body length 2.1mm
Ctenarytaina sp.
Ctenarytaina sp. male, ventral view
Ctenarytaina sp.
Ctenarytaina sp.
Ctenarytaina sp.

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