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Noctuidae and Erebidae

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Achaea janata (Castor Semi-looper)

Achaea janata Kerry Vance, Tathra
Achaea janata

Acontia nivipicta (Acontia nivipicta)

Acontia nivipicta Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Acontia nivipicta

Acyphas sp. (genus) (An Erebid Moth)

Aglaosoma variegata (A Prominent moth)

Aglaosoma variegata Nadgee area, on Lomandra (larval food plant)
Aglaosoma variegata

Agrotis infusa (Bogong Moth)

Agrotis infusa Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Agrotis infusa

Agrotis ipsilon (Agrotis ipsilon)

Agrotis ipsilon photo ALA cc
Agrotis ipsilon

Agrotis munda (Brown Cutworm)

Agrotis munda photo ALA cc
Agrotis munda Kerry Vance, Tathra
Agrotis munda
Agrotis munda
Agrotis munda
Agrotis munda

Agrotis porphyricollis (Variable Cutworm)

Agrotis porphyricollis
Agrotis porphyricollis
Agrotis porphyricollis
Agrotis porphyricollis

Agrotis radians (Brown cutworm)

Alapadna pauropis (Alapadna pauropis)

Alapadna pauropis Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Alapadna pauropis
Alapadna pauropis
Alapadna pauropis

Alophosoma emmelopis (Bicoloured Crest)

Anestia semiochrea (Anestia semiochrea)

Anestia semiochrea image by Steve Williams
Anestia semiochrea

Anomis flava (Cotton Looper)

Anomis involuta (Jute Looper)

Arrade destituta (Arrade destituta)

Arrade destituta Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Arrade destituta

Arrade leucocosmalis (Arrade leucocosmalis)

Arrade leucocosmalis photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Arrade leucocosmalis

Asura lydia (Lydia lichen moth)

Brunia replana (Lichen-eating Caterpillar)

Brunia replana photo John Tann (ALA)
Brunia replana

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