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Pyralidae and Crambidae

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Acentropinae sp. (Marsh moth)

Achyra affinitalis (Cotton Web Spinner)

Agathodes ostentalis (Coral Tree Moth)

Agathodes ostentalis Kerry Vance, Tathra
Agathodes ostentalis

Araeopaschia sp. (Araeopaschia sp.)

Archernis callixantha (Archernis callixantha)

Asarta sp. (Asarta sp.)

Assara subarcuella (Assara subarcuella)

Assara subarcuella photo Graeme Cocks (ALA)
Assara subarcuella

Callionyma sarcodes (Callionyma sarcodes)

Callionyma sarcodes photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Callionyma sarcodes

Cardamyla didymalis (Cardamyla didymalis)

Cardamyla didymalis photo ALA cc
Cardamyla didymalis

Catamela xanthomelas (Catamela xanthomelas)

Cnaphalocrocis poeyalis (Lesser Rice Leafroller)

Cnaphalocrocis poeyalis Kerry Vance, Tathra
Cnaphalocrocis poeyalis
Corynophora lativittalis Max Campbell, Green Cape
Corynophora lativittalis Max Campbell, Green Cape
Corynophora lativittalis
Corynophora lativittalis

Creobota apodectum (Creobota apodectum)

Creobota apodectum Donald Hobern
Creobota apodectum

Cryptarthria sp. (Cryptarthria sp.)

Cryptoblabes euraphella (Cryptoblabes euraphella)

Ctenomeristis almella (Almella Frass Moth)

Ctenomeristis almella
Ctenomeristis almella
Ctenomeristis almella
Ctenomeristis almella

Culladia cuneiferellus (Culladia cuneiferellus)

Culladia cuneiferellus ALA image
Culladia cuneiferellus

Dichocrocis clytusalis (Kurrajong Leaf-tier)

Dichocrocis clytusalis ALA Image
Dichocrocis clytusalis

Eclipsiodes crypsixantha (Eclipsiodes crypsixantha)

Elophila responsalis (Elophila responsalis)

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