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Curved-horn Moths (Gelechioidea except Oecophoridae)

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Anarsia molybdota (Anarsia molybdota)

Anarsia molybdota Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Anarsia molybdota

Anarsia sp. (Anarsia sp.)

Ardozyga bistrigata (Ardozyga bistrigata)

Ardozyga chionoprora (Ardozyga chionoprora)

Ardozyga decaspila (Ardozyga decaspila)

Ardozyga erebenna (Ardozyga erebenna)

Ardozyga nyctias (Ardozyga nyctias)

Ardozyga sodalisella (Ardozyga sodalisella)

Ardozyga sp. (Ardozyga sp.)

Ardozyga tabulata (Ardozyga tabulata)

Ardozyga tabulata photo Stephen Williams (ALA)
Ardozyga tabulata

Ardozyga xuthias (Ardozyga xuthias)

Athrips mesoleuca (Athrips mesoleuca)

Australiopalpa sp. (Australiopalpa sp.)

Blastobasis sp. (Blastobasis sp.)

Catoryctis eugramma (Catoryctis eugramma)

Catoryctis subparallela (Catoryctis subparallela)

Catoryctis subparallela Graeme Cocks
Catoryctis subparallela

COSMOPTERIGIDAE (Unidentified Cosmopterigid moth)


Cryptophasa albacosta (Small Fruit-tree Borer)

Cryptophasa albacosta Harriet Scott
Cryptophasa albacosta

Cryptophasa gypsomera (Cryptophasa gypsomera)

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