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Acroceuthes metaxanthana (Acroceuthes metaxanthana)

Acroceuthes metaxanthana Photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Acroceuthes metaxanthana

Acropolitis excelsa (Acropolitis excelsa)

Acropolitis excelsa Photo ALA cc
Acropolitis excelsa

Acropolitis hedista (Acropolitis hedista)

Acropolitis sp. (Acropolitis sp.)

Ancylis sp. (Ancylis sp.)

Arotrophora arcuatalis (Banksia Boring Moth)

Arotrophora arcuatalis
Arotrophora arcuatalis

Arotrophora ochraceellus (Arotrophora ochraceellus)

Asthenoptycha sp ANIC2 sp nov B (Asthenoptycha sp ANIC2 sp nov B)

Asthenoptycha sp. (Asthenoptycha)

Asthenoptycha sp.
Asthenoptycha sp.

Asthenoptycha sphaltica (Asthenoptycha sphaltica)

Bactra ablabes (Bactra ablabes)

Balanomis encyclia (Balanomis encyclia)

Balanomis encyclia photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Balanomis encyclia

Clarana GROUP clarana (Clarana GROUP clarana)

Constrictana Gp constrictana (Constrictana Gp constrictana)

Cryptophlebia ombrodelta (Litchi Fruit Moth)

Cryptoptila australana (A Leafroller moth)

Cryptoptila australana Max Campbell, SEFNP Bemboka section
Cryptoptila australana

Epiphyas ashworthana (Epiphyas ashworthana)

Epiphyas postvittana (Light Brown Apple Moth)

Epiphyas postvittana ALA Image
Epiphyas postvittana

Epitymbia alaudana (Epitymbia alaudana)

Epitymbia scotinopa (Epitymbia scotinopa)

Epitymbia scotinopa ALA Image
Epitymbia scotinopa

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