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Apertochrysa edwardsi (A Green Lacewing)

Apertochrysa edwardsi
Apertochrysa edwardsi

Archimantis sp. (Large brown mantis)

Archimantis sp. Max Campbell, Brogo
Archimantis sp.

BLATTIDAE (Unidentified blattid cockroach)

Bolbe nigra (Black Ground Mantid)

Bolbe nigra 20mm long dark coloured body, fore femur orange
Bolbe nigra
Bolbe nigra
Bolbe nigra
Bolbe nigra
Bolbe nigra

CAENIDAE (Unidentified Small Squaregills mayfly)


Calolampra sp. (Cockroach)

Campion rubellus (Red Mantidfly)

CHRYSOPIDAE (Green Lacewings)

Ctenomorpha marginipennis (Margin-winged stick insect)

Didymuria violescens (Spur-legged stick insect)

Drymaplaneta communis (Eastern Wood Runner)

Drymaplanteta semivitta (Gisborne Cockroach)

Ellipsidion sp. (native cockroach)

Ellipsidion sp. Max Campbell
Ellipsidion sp.
Ellipsidion sp.
Ellipsidion sp.
Ellipsidion sp.
Ellipsidion sp.


Harpobittacus sp. (Hangingfly)

Harpobittacus sp. Bemboka Reserve
Harpobittacus sp.

HEMEROBIIDAE (family) (Brown Lacewing)

Isoptera (Order) (Termites)

Johnrehnia areolata (A native cockroach)

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