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Many kinds (species) of reptiles (turtles, snakes and lizards) and frogs are found within the Budawang Coast Region. They are exciting animals and learning about them and their behaviour and finding them in the wild (or even your backyard) can be very exciting. People often think that all small skinks are the same; in fact there are many different species with some of the most amazing colours, stripes and external structures. Within a single species there may be great variety in colour and markings. 

On Atlas of Life Budawang Coast NatureMapr you will soon find descriptions and photos of each species and tips on how to identify single species and where to find them. On "Frequently asked questions" (under About) you can find tips on photographing reptiles (and frogs). Read this so that you can take good photos without harm to the animals or yourself.

By taking photos and reporting sightings you will be adding to our knowledge of these animals, many of which are threatened or rare. This is why we call it 'citizen science'. It is also a great way to enjoy nature and learn about the scientific study of nature.  

Reptiles and frogs are divided into subgroups: Snakes (14 species), Skinks (33), Dragons (6), Legless lizards (5), Geckos (2), Monitors (2), Turtles (2) and Frogs (30). It will take no time before you can tell the difference between groups and know the answer to many questions such as: how do you tell the difference between Legless lizards and snakes?

Happy Nature Mapping of reptiles and frogs.

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Acanthophis antarcticus (Common Death Adder)

Acanthophis antarcticus red colour phase - Sydney Basin specimen
Acanthophis antarcticus grey colour phase - Sydney Basin specimen
Acanthophis antarcticus
Acanthophis antarcticus

Acritoscincus duperreyi (Acritoscincus duperreyi)

Acritoscincus duperreyi Nadgee (road-kill) specimen photo Jackie Miles
Acritoscincus duperreyi Nadgee (road-kill) specimen photo Jackie Miles
Acritoscincus duperreyi
Acritoscincus duperreyi

Acritoscincus platynota (Red-throated Skink)

Acritoscincus platynota Jindabyne specimen - photo by Max Campbell
Acritoscincus platynota

Amalosia lesueurii (Lesueur's Velvet Gecko)

Amalosia lesueurii Greater Sydney specimen
Amalosia lesueurii

Amphibolurus muricatus (Jacky Lizard)

Amphibolurus muricatus Wardens Headland, Ulladulla
Amphibolurus muricatus Lake Conjola specimen
Amphibolurus muricatus Ulladulla specimen
Amphibolurus muricatus
Amphibolurus muricatus
Amphibolurus muricatus

Anepischetosia maccoyi (Maccoy's Skink, Mulch Skink)

Anepischetosia maccoyi Depot Beach, NSW specimen photo Andrew CB
Anepischetosia maccoyi

Austrelaps ramsayi (Highland Copperhead)

Austrelaps ramsayi Nunnock Swamp specimen - photo Max Campbell
Austrelaps ramsayi Bega Swamp specimen - photo Max Campbell
Austrelaps ramsayi
Austrelaps ramsayi

Austrelaps superbus (Lowland Copperhead)

Austrelaps superbus Nadgee Moor, NSW specimen photo Jackie Miles
Austrelaps superbus

Cacophis squamulosus (Golden-crowned Snake)

Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis (Eastern long-necked turtle)

Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis
Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis underside (plastron)
Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis juvenile - Brogo, NSW specimen photo Max Campbell
Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis
Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis
Chelodina (Chelodina) longicollis

Crinia signifera (Common Eastern Froglet)

Crinia signifera Woollamia specimen
Crinia signifera underside - Brogo specimen photo by Max Campbell
Crinia signifera
Crinia signifera

Cryptoblepharus pulcher (Fence Skink)

Cryptoblepharus pulcher Fence or Wall Skink (Sydney Basin specimen)
Cryptoblepharus pulcher Sydney Basin specimen
Cryptoblepharus pulcher
Cryptoblepharus pulcher

Cryptophis nigrescens (Small-eyed Snake)

Cryptophis nigrescens Sydney Region specimen
Cryptophis nigrescens note relatively small beady eyes
Cryptophis nigrescens head
Cryptophis nigrescens
Cryptophis nigrescens
Cryptophis nigrescens

Ctenotus taeniolatus (Coppertail Skink)

Ctenotus taeniolatus
Ctenotus taeniolatus

Cyclodomorphus michaeli (Mainland She-oak Skink)

Demansia psammophis (Yellow-faced Whip Snake)

Demansia psammophis Sydney Basin specimen
Demansia psammophis

Drysdalia coronoides (White-lipped snake)

Drysdalia rhodogaster (Mustard-bellied Snake)

Drysdalia rhodogaster showing the mustard coloured belly - photo by Harrison Warne
Drysdalia rhodogaster Ulladulla specimen
Drysdalia rhodogaster Surf Beach specimen
Drysdalia rhodogaster
Drysdalia rhodogaster
Drysdalia rhodogaster

Egernia cunninghamii (Cunningham's Skink)

Egernia cunninghamii Tablelands form, Dalgety, Monaro
Egernia cunninghamii

Egernia saxatilis (Black rock skink)

Egernia saxatilis Jackie Miles, Nadgee Beach
Egernia saxatilis Max Campbell, Mimosa Rocks NP
Egernia saxatilis
Egernia saxatilis

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Reptiles and Frogs


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