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Terrestrial invertebrates

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Allothereua maculata (A House Cetipede)

Ambicodamus crinitus (Red-black Spider)

Ambicodamus southwelli (Red-and-black Spider)

Arachnura higginsi (Tailed Spider)

ARANEAE (Unidentified spider)

ARANEIDAE (Unidentified Orb weaver)

ARANEIDAE Max Campbell, Brogo, with parasitoid egg

Araneus brisbanae (Brisbane orb weaver)

Araneus brisbanae Max Campbell, Brogo
Araneus brisbanae Max Campbell, Brogo
Araneus brisbanae
Araneus brisbanae

Araneus sp. (Orb weaver)

Arbanitis sp. (Spiny Trapdoor Spider)

Argiope aurantia (Yellow garden spider)

Argiope keyserlingi (St Andrew's Cross Spider)

Argiope keyserlingi RND Wimbush
Argiope keyserlingi ALA
Argiope keyserlingi Max Campbell, Brogo
Argiope keyserlingi
Argiope keyserlingi
Argiope keyserlingi

Argoctenus sp. (Wandering ghost spider)

Argoctenus sp. Max Campbell, Bega Swamp
Argoctenus sp. Max Campbell, Brogo
Argoctenus sp.
Argoctenus sp.

Argononemertes australiensis (A Ribbon Worm or Nematine)

Argononemertes australiensis Teresa, Kianga
Argononemertes australiensis Teresa, Kianga
Argononemertes australiensis
Argononemertes australiensis

Argyrodes antipodianus (Dew drop spider)

Argyrodes antipodianus Max Campbell, Wallaga Lake, in Nephila web
Argyrodes antipodianus

Ariamnes colubrinus (Whip Spider)

Arkys lancearius (Triangular Spider)

Arkys lancearius Steve Burrows, Bournda National Park
Arkys lancearius

Arkys sp. (Triangle spider)

Arkys sp. Kalaru
Arkys sp.

Artoria lineata (A wolf spider)

Astia hariola (Gypsy Jumper)

Atrax or Hadronyche sp. (Funnelweb spider)

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Terrestrial invertebrates

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