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Perch-like fish

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Acanthopagrus australis (Yellowfin Bream)

Acanthopagrus australis ALA Image
Acanthopagrus australis

Caesioperca lepidopterus (Butterfly Perch)

Caesioperca lepidopterus ALA Image
Caesioperca lepidopterus

Echeneis naucrates (Sharksucker)

Enoplosus armatus (Old Wife)

Enoplosus armatus image libby h
Enoplosus armatus Liz Allen
Enoplosus armatus image Liz Allen
Enoplosus armatus
Enoplosus armatus
Enoplosus armatus

Girella elevata (Rock Blackfish)

Girella elevata Liz allen
Girella elevata
Girella tricuspidata ALA Image
Girella tricuspidata

Girella zebra (Zebrafish)

Girella zebra Chris Hall
Girella zebra Liz Allen
Girella zebra Liz Allen
Girella zebra
Girella zebra
Girella zebra

Hypoplectrodes maccullochi (Halfbanded Seaperch)

Hypoplectrodes nigroruber (Banded Seaperch)

Pagrus auratus (Snapper)

Pagrus auratus image Liz Allen
Pagrus auratus image Liz Allen
Pagrus auratus
Pagrus auratus

Pempheris affinis (Blacktip Bullseye)

Pempheris compressa (Smallscale Bullseye)

Pempheris multiradiata (Large-scaled Bullseye)


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