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Amarinus paralacustris (Amarinus paralacustris)

Brachynotus spinosus (Little Shore Crab)

Brachynotus spinosus
Brachynotus spinosus

Carcinus maenas (European Shore Crab)

Carcinus maenas
Carcinus maenas

Cyclograpsus audouinii (Cyclograpsus audouinii)

Heloecius cordiformis (Semaphore Crab)

Ilyograpsus paludicola (Ilyograpsus paludicola)

Leptograpsus variegatus (Leptograpsus variegatus)

Leptograpsus variegatus ALA image
Leptograpsus variegatus Liz A image
Leptograpsus variegatus
Leptograpsus variegatus
Leptograpsus variegatus
Leptograpsus variegatus

Litocheira bispinosa (Two-spined Slender-clawed Crab)

Macrophthalmus (Macrophthalmus) crassipes (Macrophthalmus (Macrophthalmus) crassipes)

Macrophthalmus (Macrophthalmus) crassipes
Macrophthalmus (Macrophthalmus) crassipes

Mictyris longicarpus (Soldier Crab)

Mictyris longicarpus Photo Liz A
Mictyris longicarpus

Mictyris platycheles (Soldier Crab)

Mictyris platycheles photo Liz A
Mictyris platycheles

Naxia aurita (Smooth Seaweed-crab)

Naxia tumida (Little Seaweed Crab)

Notomithrax minor (Small Seaweed Crab)

Ocypode convexa (Ocypode convexa)

Ocypode cordimana (Ghost crab)

Ocypode cordimana Image ..Liz Allen
Ocypode cordimana

OCYPODIDAE sp. (Fiddler Crabs)

Ovalipes australiensis AUST museum Michael Marmach
Ovalipes australiensis photo Liz A
Ovalipes australiensis
Ovalipes australiensis

Ozius deplanatus (Ozius deplanatus)

Ozius deplanatus ALA image
Ozius deplanatus

Ozius truncatus (Reef Crab)

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