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Freshwater invertebrates

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Acarina (Water mites)

AESHNIDAE (Australian Emperor Dragonfly)

Alathyria profuga (Profuga Mussel)

AMPHIPODA (Sideswimmers)

Ascorhis tasmanica (Tasmanian Freshwater Snail)

Barwontius setipes (A hyporheic water mite)

Belostomidae (Giant Water Bug)


CHIRONOMIDAE (Non-biting Midge)

COENAGRIONIDAE (Narrow-winged Damselfly)

COPEPODA (Microcrustacean)

Corbicula australis (Australian Basket Shell)


Epiproctophora (Dragonfly)

Euastacus dharawalus (Fitroy Falls Crayfish)

Euastacus guwinus (Tiangara Crayfish)

Euastacus sp. (Freshwater crayfish)

Euastacus sp. Jackie Miles, Brogo
Euastacus sp. Jackie Miles, Brogo
Euastacus sp.
Euastacus sp.

Euastacus spinifer (Sydney Crayfish)

Euastacus yanga (Southern Crayfish)

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Freshwater invertebrates


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