This NatureMapr project will move to the South Coast, NSW NatureMapr region from 1 July 2021

Welcome to the Budawang Coast Nature Map

Budawang Coast Nature Map (BCNM) is a CITIZEN SCIENCE project that provides a platform for recording and identifying species. Citizen science empowers people to teach themselves and contribute to the collective knowledge of the broader community. BCNM began in February 2018 and in April that year joined the user-friendly recording platform called NatureMapr.

Our Vision

BCNM is the region’s one stop biodiversity data hub used by community members, researchers, conservationist and government to generate new knowledge, inform decision making and increase awareness and understanding of our natural world.

Who we are

We are volunteer citizen scientists with a passion for understanding and documenting the natural values of the Budawang Coast region. Our region links directly to three other NatureMapr projects, the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness on the far south coast, Southern Highlands Nature Map and Canberra Nature Map. Together the four regions cover all of south-eastern NSW, creating a wide network of expertise that continues to grow.  

What we do

We aim to document the natural world to species level, increase our individual and collective knowledge of it and share our information and learnings with the broader community. We work across tenures from protected areas, including national and marine parks, to private land and everything in between. Validated records are added to the Atlas of Living Australia, the national biodiversity database. The value that NatureMapr projects add is that they contribute uniquely high-quality data, with all records verified by volunteer expert moderators.

Who we work with

We work collaboratively with the three levels of government, non-government organisations, Local Land Services NSW, Landcare groups, other special interest groups and researchers.

 Our values

Collaboration – we work collaboratively with a common purpose, sharing responsibility and accountability.

Empowerment – we encourage citizen scientists to discover, mentor others and learn about our natural world.

Biodiversity – we promote the collection of rich, long-term evidence to support conservation of species and ecosystems.

Education – we foster ongoing learning and sharing of information and knowledge.

Thanks to Our Supporters

We acknowledge the amazing support that we have received from many individuals and groups to rapidly establish NatureMapr in our region.  In particular, we acknowledge those groups that have contributed towards vital start-up funding for this project including Gondwana Fossil Group, Shoalhaven Landcare, South-East Local Land Services and Shoalhaven City Council.  

We invite you to join us, take an active role in our project, explore our beautiful landscapes and coast and add your sightings to help build the Budawang Coast Nature Map.



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