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Amanita sp.

Amanita sp. at Malua Bay, NSW

Amanita sp. at Malua Bay, NSW - 23 Apr 2019
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Identification history

Amanita sp. 25 Jun 2019 Pam
Agaricus sp. 24 Jun 2019 lyndallh@bigpond.com

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Author's notes

Agaric about 15cms diameter growing singly in area recovering from burning . (2 years ago)

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Pam wrote:
   25 Jun 2019
Even though this is in a sad state of repair due to ageing it still has enough characteristics that lets me know it's an Amanita sp.. The most distinquishing character is the mealy ornamentation on the pileus (cap) which is the remnants of the universal veil. With the lamellae (gills) that deap cream is a result of ageing. This genus tends to have white lamellae and have white spores. The robust nature of the specimen and the white colour are characteristics seen in certain groups of this genus. Again a mycorrhizal fungus. I suspect it was Amanita farinacea.........

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