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Macrolepiota clelandii

Macrolepiota clelandii at Malua Bay, NSW

Macrolepiota clelandii at Malua Bay, NSW - 22 Jun 2019
Macrolepiota clelandii at Malua Bay, NSW - 22 Jun 2019
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Identification history

Macrolepiota clelandii 25 Jun 2019 Pam
Agarics gilled fungi 24 Jun 2019 lyndallh@bigpond.com

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Author's notes

This was about 12cm tall. The amazing gill pattern was identical in both specimens.

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Pam wrote:
   25 Jun 2019
The lamellae (gills) get this almost crimped look at times when they dry out and age. Yes, there was another Macrolepiota clelandii that I've seen today. These are saprotrophic (decomposers) fungi that are cycling essential nutrients back into the soil for plants to use. That's a great image of the ring (annulus) on the stipe. This is the remains of the partial veil that extended from the stipe to the edge of the cap to protect the lamellae in the immature fungus. The image also clearly shows the attachment of the lamellae to the stipe. Good image.

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