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Laccocephalum hartmannii

1 Laccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park

Laccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park - 13 Dec 2019
Laccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park - 13 Dec 2019
Laccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park - 13 Dec 2019
Laccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park - 13 Dec 2019
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Identification history

Laccocephalum hartmannii 16 Dec 2019 Pam
Laccocephalum hartmannii 14 Dec 2019 Pam
Austroboletus lacunosus 13 Dec 2019 GLemann

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Significant sighting

Pam noted:
16 Jan 2020

This was the first fire responsive fungus recorded in the region resulting from the 2019 -2020 fires. It was also the first Laccocephalum hartmanni to be recorded during the same period.

Author's notes

Emerging approx 1 week after bush fire. This one 85mm across but others were bigger. Sometimes solitary, sometimes in pairs.


Pam wrote:
   17 Dec 2019
This has been a great find. One of a number of 'fire responsive' fungi. If you have the opportunity to have a scratch around the base of these fungi you should find a solid lump, sclerotia, of sterile fungal tissue. There are a number of other species in this genus as well as various cup/disc fungi and an organy-pinkish gelatinous one that covers the soil in patches and goes lumpy as it mature.

You have been the first out of the three NatureMapr groups that I'm aware of to record fire responsive fungi after these latest and ongoing fires. If you could spread the word around for people to look out for fungi in burnt areas and record them. Noting if the area was severely, moderately or only lightly burnt and how long since the fire. These fungi often replace most of the usual fungi you see in an area. Though over about a five year period the fungal species that were originally seen will gradually return.

It would be great if something positive can come out of all the dreadful fire damaged landscape. Though I can't emphasise strongly enough to exert every care when in fire burnt areas as damaged branches even tree can still be coming down.

All the best and our thoughts are with everyone in your region with the terrible and ongoing fires down there. We've had one sitting on our backdoor as it were for weeks so have some understanding of the stressed involved.

GLemann wrote:
   17 Dec 2019
Thanks Pam. I'll keep a look out.

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 5 Abundance
  • 13 Dec 2019 03:40 PM Recorded on
  • GLemann Recorded by
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