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Unidentified at suppressed - 18 Mar 2020
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Antechinus swainsonii 7 May 2020 ClydeRiver

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Author's notes

I hope I am allowed to post this with a quick drawing from memory as I saw this character very often but never in time for me to whip out my camera! They (presumably I am seeing more than one) live around our house and garden (as do the tiny antechinuses). This one is a dark ginger brown, has dark eyes, a hairless tail, 9 or 10cm body, approx.


Gaia wrote:
   7 May 2020
Sorry we can not help ID this one. What do they say a picture paints a thousand words.


ClydeRiver wrote:
   7 May 2020
Fair enough, though the description seems to fit. I shall have to keep a small camera attached to my wrist in future!! Because we don't have mobile reception, I don't carry around one of those nice 'phones that take good pics and I can whip in to service at a moment's notice!
Gaia wrote:
   8 May 2020
I know it would be difficult but you could use a SLA camera and then download the image to your computer then send that off to Budawang Coast. It was some type of antechinus but could have been agilis, stuartii or swainsoni. However, agilis and stuartii aredifficult to tell apart even with an animal in the hand!
ClydeRiver wrote:
   8 May 2020
You mean an SLR camera? I have an SLR but don't have it with me at all times and so I either don't have the camera on me or if I do by the time I have picked it up for a shot, the little fellow has disappeared out of sight - very fast moving!
Gaia wrote:
   8 May 2020
Yes it is difficult. I am a consultant I have the appropriate licences to trap. If you know someone with a licence and elliott traps you might be able to catch it alive, photograph then release. Bait with peanut butter and oats and hold the little bugger while you photograph it. They are quick and naughty.
ClydeRiver wrote:
   8 May 2020
Oh goodness! I don't and I don't think it worth worrying just to get it noted down as a creature that lives here ... I am sure they are not uncommon. We also have the really tiny one pretty frequently in our houses (holiday rentals on the Retreat) much to the entertainment (well mostly) of our guests. They are only a few centimetres long and are able to rush along the horizontal walls quite easily!

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Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 18 Mar 2020 04:48 AM Recorded on
  • ClydeRiver Recorded by
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