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Castiarina kirbyi

1 Jewel beetle at Tianjara, NSW

Castiarina kirbyi at Tianjara, NSW - 25 Sep 2020
Castiarina kirbyi at Tianjara, NSW - 25 Sep 2020
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Identification history

Castiarina kirbyi 2 Dec 2020 KimPullen
Castiarina kirbyi 4 Oct 2020 KimPullen
Castiarina kirbyi 26 Sep 2020 Harrisi

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KimPullen wrote:
   4 Oct 2020
Ident suggested by Stuart Harris.
Pam wrote:
   14 Oct 2020
You have been uploading an amazing range of incredible looking beetles......thank you. I look forward to the next stunning little insect!!
Harrisi wrote:
   15 Oct 2020
Thanks Pam, kind words indeed. A lot of effort goes into finding these beetles. A return trip from Canberra makes for a long day! I will be coming down quite regularly, esp the Nerriga Rd areas to see how the jewel beetles are bouncing back after the comprehensive fires last season. As jewel beetle larvae spend most of their life inside a tree, it is amazing so far how many have survived the inferno. Jewel beetle species emerge a lot earlier down the coast compared to Canberra...
Pam wrote:
   15 Oct 2020
Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Not only the fabulous images but also the records being provided on what has survived the fires and when they are appearing. Reassuring.......

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 25 Sep 2020 08:57 PM Recorded on
  • Harrisi Recorded by
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