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Microglossum viride

Green Earth tongue

Microglossum viride

Ascomycota         Family: Leotiaceae

Reproductive structure: Emerald to olive green, smooth, irregularly lobed to cylindrically club-shaped. Up to 7 cm tall.

Fertile Surface: Outer surface of upper portion of the fungus, dull green, shiny when wet, longitudinally furrowed, often twisted. Up to 7 mm wide.

Stem: Pale green, almost white at base, cylindrical, smooth to finely powdery, shiny, narrow and less furrowed than fertile portion. Up to 4 mm wide.

This distinctive 'club-like' fungus can grow to 50 mm tall.

The surface of the fungus is smooth, round , grooved or somewhat flattened and irregular in section. The sterile base is a slightly lighter colour to the fertile upper section.

Spores: Colourless (hyline); spindle-shaped (fusiform), obscurely septate with faint banding;

Habitat: Wet sclerophyll to rainforest.

Substrate:  Soil amongst leaf litter. Saprotrophic

Habit:  Solitary or in small clusters.

Season:  Autumn.

Comments: May range from relatively common in some areas through to rare in southern areas of its distribution. Often overlooked as hard to see amongst leaf litter but easily recognised by its green colouring.

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Microglossum viride (Green Earth tongue) at Budderoo National Park - 25 Mar 2020 by WattaWanderer
Microglossum viride (Green Earth tongue) at Budderoo National Park - 25 Mar 2020 by WattaWanderer


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Species information

  • Microglossum viride Scientific name
  • Green Earth tongue Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Non-Invasive
  • 415.071733561059m Recorded at altitude

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