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Ctenarytaina sp.

eucalyptus psyllid

I identified this psyllid based on its similarity to the description of Ctenarytaina bipartita in Burckhardt et al. Zootaxa 3613 (6): 589-596 (2013). I assume that it is a different Ctenarytaina species to C. bipartita because the paramere (shown in image of the male terminalia) lacks a finger-like process on the basal third of its hind margin - a feature which the authors note as characteristic of this species. Otherwise the morphology of the male genitalia is very similar to that species, as is the fore wing venation and general habitus.

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male, body length 2.1mm
male, ventral view

Species information

  • Ctenarytaina sp. Scientific name
  • eucalyptus psyllid Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
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