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Anthomyiid fly

This family of flies has the typical features of familiar calyptrate fly families such as Muscidae (bush flies), Calliphoridae (blowflies) and Sarcophagidae (fleshflies). These include the ptilinal fissure, an inverted U-shaped depression which begins above the antennae and extends down to the base of the mouthparts, antennae with a bristle-like arista, and calypters - flaps that cover the base of the halteres. However it differs from all of these other families in its wing venation. Vein M1 runs straight ahead to the wing apex in the Anthomyiidae, whereas it curves distally in the other calyptrate families.

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wing venation critical to ID

Species information

  • ANTHOMYIIDAE Scientific name
  • Anthomyiid fly Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
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