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Amanita pyramidifera

Amanita pyramidifera      Family: Amanitaceae

Basidiomycota - gilled fungus

Cap:  to 10 cm, convex at first, then flatter and finally plane, white to dirty white covered with large abundant conical warts, a little flatter towards margin, sometimes falling off with age.

Gills: Free, thin, white to pale cream, crowded

Stem: Long - to 16 cm, narrow (1-2 cm), firm, narrower towards gills, base bulbous, white to slightly off-white, occasionally a little deeper, with scattered scales and ridges, or fibrillose areas on the upper portion, pyramidal warts when immature.

Spores: White in deposit, ellipsoid, smooth amyloid.

Habitat: Wet and dry eucalypt forests, woodlands and parklands.

Substrate: Soil.Mycorrhizal

Habit: Solitary and groups

Comments: One of a number of buff, whitish Amanita species with prominent conical warts. The distinctive feature of this species is it has no persistent ring (annulus) and ellipsoid spores..


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Amanita pyramidifera at Clyde River Retreat - 9 Apr 2020 by ClydeRiver
Amanita pyramidifera at Clyde River Retreat - 9 Apr 2020 by ClydeRiver


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  • Amanita pyramidifera Scientific name
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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
  • 50m Recorded at altitude

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