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24 Jan 2021

Hello Budawang Coast contributors, and happy 2021 to you! We all agree it's off to a relatively excellent start and it will be an exciting year for Budawang Coast Atlas of Life. Yes, it's now official, our name has changed to co-incide with the move to iNaturalist. The end of January is fast appr...

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NatureMapr mobile app (outage and brand new version on the way)6 Mar 2021

Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper13 Apr 2021

Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist1 Apr 2021

Transition to iNat24 Mar 2021

Regular platform update23 Feb 2021

Meeting with Federal Environment Minister26 Jan 2021

Update: Transferring your data to iNaturalist 24 Dec 2020

Latest discussion

LisaH wrote:
18 Apr 2021
Thank you...

Myiagra (Myiagra) cyanoleuca
CBrandis wrote:
18 Apr 2021
Pretty sure as the breast line curves down at the wings and it appears very dark about the head, there should be no difference between the head a...

Myiagra (Myiagra) cyanoleuca
LisaH wrote:
18 Apr 2021
Oh, thank you! My guess at a this being a cicada was a bit off, then . . . that's why I learn so much from being part of this project....

Phellus olgae
KimPullen wrote:
18 Apr 2021
Good find, Lisa! This species is one of the largest Robber flies in Australia....

Phellus olgae
ibaird wrote:
3 Apr 2021
Possibly O. australis, although O. stellans may also be likely due to the rose colouration, although a more yellow antenna woud bee suorting evid...

Oxycanus sp. (genus) (TBC)
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