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27 Feb 2020

New versions of the iOS and Android NatureMapr apps are now available for download. These updated versions address a number of issues and should see marked stability improvements. For those users who already have older versions of the apps installed on their device, you will need to use the questio...

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Water Station Mapping15 Feb 2020

Progress29 Jan 2020

Workshop for BCNM Administrators & Moderators-Ulladulla 12 Feb 10am-12noon15 Jan 2020

Bushfire and BioBlitzes-Ulladulla 12 Feb 1.00-3.30pm15 Jan 2020

Watering Points11 Jan 2020

Latest discussion

Gaia wrote:
48 min ago
Than is right - also the overall shape is nudi. Lit caerulea has been really hit by frog chytrid and may have occurred further south than Nowra (...

ClydeRiver wrote:
1 hr ago
No, doesn't have the bulk of Caerulea perhaps....

Gaia wrote:
2 hrs ago
That is large but not caerulea....

ClydeRiver wrote:
3 hrs ago
No, bigger than that, pretty close to the Bleating Tree Frog which was 40 - 45 mm in size ... more like 30 - 35 mm - we see quite a few of them....

Gaia wrote:
3 hrs ago
This frog would have been about 15mm. They live along creeks and disperse away from waterways in late summer and autumn. Litoria caerulea appears...


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Latest significant sightings

FungusAnthracobia muelleri at Broulee, NSW by LisaH

FungusAnthracobia muelleri at Red Head Villages Bushcare by PatB

FungusTerana caerulea at Wattamolla, NSW by WattaWanderer

FungusNeolentinus dactyloides at Clyde River Retreat by ClydeRiver

FungusLaccocephalum hartmannii at Meroo National Park by GLemann

FungusPyronema sp. A at Meroo National Park by Marg

FungusLaccocephalum hartmannii at FS Private Property by Stewart

Water & Shore birdIxobrychus minutus at Wairo Beach and Dolphin Point by Charles Dove

Water & Shore birdPlegadis falcinellus at Wairo Beach and Dolphin Point by Charles Dove

GliderPetauroides volans at Meroo National Park by GLemann

Latest Identifications

Nicholas de Jong confirmed Pea Gompholobium glabratum at Jervis Bay National Park

Nicholas de Jong confirmed Pea Pultenaea villifera var. villifera at Jervis Bay National Park

Nicholas de Jong confirmed Other Shrub Melaleuca thymifolia at Jervis Bay National Park

Gaia suggested Frog Litoria nudidigita at

ClydeRiver suggested Frog Litoria caerulea at

Nicholas de Jong confirmed Gum Tree Eucalyptus longifolia at East Lynne, NSW

CBrandis suggested Fungus Parasola plicatilis at

CBrandis suggested Fungus Parasola plicatilis at

CBrandis suggested Fungus Macrolepiota dolichaula at

CBrandis suggested Fungus Chlorophyllum molybdites at

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