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Aeolochroma metarhodata (Tea-tree Emerald)

Aeolochroma metarhodata photo ALA cc
Aeolochroma metarhodata

Aeolochroma viridicata (Aeolochroma viridicata)

Amelora mesocapna (Amelora mesocapna)

Amelora sp. (Amelora sp.)

Amelora sp. photo ALA cc
Amelora sp.

Anachloris uncinata (Hook-winged Carpet)

Anachloris uncinata image by Steve Williams
Anachloris uncinata image by Steve Williams
Anachloris uncinata image by Steve Williams
Anachloris uncinata
Anachloris uncinata
Anachloris uncinata

Anisozyga insperata (Anisozyga insperata)

Anisozyga metaspila (Anisozyga metaspila)

Antictenia punctunculus (Antictenia punctunculus)

Antictenia punctunculus photo ALA cc
Antictenia punctunculus
Antictenia punctunculus
Antictenia punctunculus

Aphantes melanochorda (Aphantes melanochorda)

Aphantes melanochorda image by Steve Williams
Aphantes melanochorda

Aporoctena scierodes (Aporoctena scierodes)

Aporoctena scierodes photo Graeme Cocks (ALA)
Aporoctena scierodes

Aporoctena sp.(genus) (A Geometrid moth)

Arhodia lasiocamparia (Arhodia lasiocamparia)

Arhodia lasiocamparia Photo ALA cc
Arhodia lasiocamparia

Boarmiini (tribe) (Unidentified Looper moth)

Capusa senilis (Black-banded Wedge Moth)

Capusa senilis photo Donald Hobern (ALA)
Capusa senilis

Capusa sp.(genus) (A Wedge moth)

Casbia rectaria (Casbia rectaria)

Cassythaphaga macarta (Cassythaphaga macarta)

Cernia amyclaria (Cernia amyclaria)

Cernia amyclaria Graeme Cocks
Cernia amyclaria

Chaetolopha emporias (Chaetolopha emporias)

Chaetolopha emporias ALA image
Chaetolopha emporias

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