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Unidentified Fungus (TBC)

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Unidentified at Suppressed - 12 Apr 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 12 Apr 2019

Identification history

Unidentified 15 Apr 2019 Charles Dove

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Pam wrote:
   15 Apr 2019
Charles do you have a photo of the gills (lamellae) or do you remember their colour please?
   15 Apr 2019
Yes Pam I have attached a new Pic
Pam wrote:
   16 Apr 2019
Thanks for that Charles. Straight away by looking at the ring (annulus) and the stem (stipe) I can tell it's not a Cortinarius. The name Cortinarius comes from the 'cortina' or web-like structure that extends from the edge of the cap (pileus) to the stipe in the immature fungus thus protecting the young gills (lamellae). As the pileus expands this annulus is left in the form, usually, of a fine webby structure adhering to the stipe. As the Cortinarius species have rusty brown spores as they mature you will see these caught on that remnant on the stipe often just as a rusty coloured line rather than any robust structure. On a closer look the colour I'm seeing on the lamellae is only on the edge of the lamellae and looks like it is the result of drying out and ageing. When I look down into the lamellae they look white. I suspect that this is a Macrolepiota/Chlorophyllum. A number of the Macrolepiota have been moved over to Chlorophyllum. My gut feeling is that it may have been a Macrolepiota dolichaula!! Sorry I can't be any more precise.
   16 Apr 2019
OK never an easy one

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Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 12 Apr 2019 Recorded on
  • Charles Dove Recorded by
  • Website Reported via
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