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Unidentified Puffer-like fish (TBC)

2 images

Unidentified at Suppressed - 26 Jul 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 26 Jul 2019

Identification history

Unidentified 1 Sep 2019 HelenR

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Author's notes

Some type of puffer/box fish??


AndrewG wrote:
   2 Sep 2019
Possibly Lactoria fornasini, Thornback Cowfish. Live colours would help. This species name is buried somewhere in the database, so I can't suggest it, as I can't find the name (crazy ALA system). Anyway my confidence level in the ID is < 80%, needed for a positive ID confirmation.
HelenR wrote:
   2 Sep 2019
Ok, I will look that up. Yes, I think I have seen one elsewhere on the database too previously, but couldn't find it again. Amazing type of fish. Thanks, Helen
AndrewG wrote:
   3 Sep 2019
New edition of Edgar's Aust Marine Life on the way. Even better, Edgar's new Tropical Aust Marine Life out soon (in press). Helped in a small way with both. cheers, Andrew
   26 Sep 2019
This is the one I submitted
- Unidentified on 19 Aug 2017
but we have never really confirmed its ID
HelenR wrote:
   27 Sep 2019
Hi Andrew and Charles,
Charles' picture looks like the same type with the spines above the eyes.
I have looked at these sites. what do you think?
My Edgar book is 10 years old and doesn't have many cowfish in it, but it helps me find many fish/animals. Might have to try online version. Helen
AndrewG wrote:
   9 Oct 2019
I checked the RLS reference; also Fishes of Australia Lactoria species and Tetrasomus gibbosus (the ID I tentatively gave Charles. Now think both yours and Charles' pics are of Lactoria diaphana. See : http://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/838
AndrewG wrote:
   9 Oct 2019
PS: have added L diaphana to the taxonomy 'to do' list following the links under 'Suggest a missing species' for Charles pics, which is about as far as I can get it. It was not already there under 'puffers'. Way too hard for me to fix or add things on this site!
PPS: reason I think yours and Charles are L diaphana are the extra spines along the sides of the body. Not as many spines on L fornasini. Regarding original ID of T gibbosus, think the range rules this out (should have checked)!

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Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 26 Jul 2019 3:16 PM Recorded on
  • HelenR Recorded by
  • Website Reported via
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