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LichenUnidentified Lichen (TBC)

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Unidentified at Suppressed - 28 Apr 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 28 Apr 2019

Identification history

Unidentified 27 Apr 2019 ClydeRiver

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Author's notes

Found on many trees in the sclerophyll forest area of the property.


Pam wrote:
   27 Apr 2019
Lichen, and there are many different types and species, are a symbiotic association between a fungus and algae or cyanobacteria. Both organisms are dependent on each other for their health and survival. They indicate a lack of air pollution and provide food and habitat for micro organisms and invertebrates. I don't know my lichens well enough to be able to give you a name, sorry.
ClydeRiver wrote:
   28 Apr 2019
No problem at all!!

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Sighting information

  • 16 - 100 Abundance
  • 27 Apr 2019 Recorded on
  • ClydeRiver Recorded by

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