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Brown algae

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Arthrocladia sp. (Arthrocladia sp.)

Asperococcus bullosus (Asperococcus bullosus)

Asperococcus bullosus photo J M Huisman (from ALA)
Asperococcus bullosus

Carpomitra costata (Carpomitra costata)

Caulocystis cephalornithos (Caulocystis cephalornithos)

Cladosiphon filum (Cladosiphon filum)

Cladosiphon vermicularis (Cladosiphon vermicularis)

Cladostephus spongiosus (Cladostephus spongiosus)

Cladostephus spongiosus Photo J M Huisman (from ALA)
Cladostephus spongiosus

Colpomenia peregrina (Colpomenia peregrina)

Colpomenia peregrina Photo J M Huisman (from ALA)
Colpomenia peregrina

Colpomenia sinuosa (Colpomenia sinuosa)

Colpomenia sinuosa Photo Liz Allen
Colpomenia sinuosa

Colpomenia sp. (Colpomenia sp.)

Cystophora monilifera (Cystophora monilifera)

Cystophora monilifera photo J M Huisman (from ALA)
Cystophora monilifera

Cystophora moniliformis (Cystophora moniliformis)

Cystophora moniliformis Photo J M Huisman (from ALA)
Cystophora moniliformis

Cystophora sp. (Cystophora sp.)

Cystophora subfarcinata (Cystophora subfarcinata)

Cystophora subfarcinata Photo Ken Walker (from ALA)
Cystophora subfarcinata

Dictyota dichotoma (Dictyota dichotoma)

Dictyota dichotoma Photo Liz Allen
Dictyota dichotoma Photo JM Huisman (from ALA)
Dictyota dichotoma
Dictyota dichotoma

Durvillaea potatorum (Bull Kelp)

Durvillaea potatorum Photo Libby Hepburn
Durvillaea potatorum Photo Libby Hepburn, Greencape
Durvillaea potatorum Photo Libby Hepburn
Durvillaea potatorum
Durvillaea potatorum
Durvillaea potatorum

Ecklonia radiata (Ecklonia radiata)

Ecklonia sp. (Prickly Kelp)

Ecklonia sp. Photo Liz Allen
Ecklonia sp. Photo Nick Yee
Ecklonia sp. Photo Libby Hepburn
Ecklonia sp.
Ecklonia sp.
Ecklonia sp.

Endarachne binghamiae (Endarachne binghamiae)

Halopteris platycena (Halopteris platycena)

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