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Acrobates pygmaeus (Feathertail Glider)

Acrobates pygmaeus Doug Reckord
Acrobates pygmaeus Raymond Daly
Acrobates pygmaeus
Acrobates pygmaeus

Petauroides volans (Greater Glider)

Petaurus australis (Yellow-bellied Glider)

Petaurus australis David Gallan
Petaurus australis Photo insideleft
Petaurus australis YBG feed tree Photo Chris Davey
Petaurus australis
Petaurus australis
Petaurus australis

Petaurus breviceps (Sugar Glider)

Petaurus breviceps Less dark markings on head than Squirrel Glider
Petaurus breviceps Rosedale, probably eating gum from wattle
Petaurus breviceps
Petaurus breviceps

Petaurus norfolcensis (Squirrel Glider)


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